Android 11 issue ignores game controller input

These days, Android updates are typically beautiful stable, however, still, issues can crop up and go some time without a fix. Some users with Android 11 have seen problems with game controller input being ignored by the system, and it’s still occurring.  

A help thread on Google’s Issue Tracker goes back to August 2020, only in front of Android 11’s last launch. Of course, it is a disappointing bug because it influences both games that run locally as well as streaming options including GeForce Now, Stadia, and Xbox Game Pass, which all depend on gamepad support Android.

Since Android 11 rolled out, clients have been confronting issues while attempting to interface a gaming controller with their cell phones. As per the reports, phones running Android 11 are either not ready to recognize controllers as input gadgets or don’t allow users to plan their keys appropriately.

The problem, set forth simply, sees Android totally ignoring game controller input however just on Android 11 device. Up until now, reports of this issue have shown up on different generations of Pixel smartphones, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Galaxy S20 FE, and other devices including some OnePlus models. This shows that the issue is in Android 11 itself and isn’t being influenced or OEM skins are not fixing it.

Notably, this issue won’t influence the Stadia Controller since it sidesteps an association with your Android device.

As the people over at XDA commented, before final launch from Android 11, Google recognized this issue, however, they’ve yet to give any updates and give a fix. I’ve generally approved of gamepads on my Pixel 5 with no issues as far as I can tell. At this point, it’s not clear what the fundamental problem is, but it doesn’t appear to influence all applications or users either generally.

One repeating thread for certain users is to be applications installed on the device where it uses an availability access service, for example, a button remapper. Disabling applications like those or playing around with other accessibility alternatives may tackle the issue at least for a temporary time.