Nextdoor moderators scramble to address QAnon

Nextdoor moderators have struggled for quite a long time with the challenge to address QAnon content on neighborhood sites; however, after a deadly attack on the Capitol from a week ago, the pressure between the company’s policy team and moderators may have arrived at a breaking point.

According to forum screenshots, Moderators asked Nextdoor since at least October to force a ban against QAnon content. A week ago, Nextdoor, moderators started constraining the company directly in a private forum on the site for moderators called the National Leads Forum. Moderators have expressed worry in screenshots of forum posts that misinformation policies by Nextdoor policies did not completely conspiracy theories’ bar discussions such as QAnon.

Some Nextdoor moderators express that the misinformation policies of the company don’t seriously address QAnon and haven’t been conveyed alright with the conspiracy to assist the community’s deal. This misinformation policy asks moderators to report people who publish the deception identified with COVID-19 and the Election; however, conspiracy theories like QAnon was not directly addressed.

After the Capitol attack, so many QAnon theories a certain danger of affecting violence; however, moderators think that it’s difficult to justify their removal as direct violent content. Simultaneously, existing Nextdoor moderation policies do exclude a restriction on conversations of conspiracy theories.

One moderator wrote and explained that the issue is this policy is composed so particular to Covid-19 and election information and doesn’t make reference to any violation that one can use for things like inciting fear in the community and misinformation around politics.

Nextdoor ensured that QAnon is classified as a hate group. Yet, no effort has been there to talk about the QAnon policy to everyday users, and on Nextdoor’s website, misinformation policies have not been updated so that it could reflect its QAnon’s classification as a hate group.

In the past, Nextdoor has struggled to build up clean moderation policies, and its neighborhoods are basically self-represented, and unpaid community leads have their role in removing and reporting content in their communities. It prompted content being unjustly being taken out or permitted to stay up.

According to Nextdoor’s guidelines, conversations of national politics are prohibited on the fundamental community feed. Subsequently, private and public groups have developed to house these conversations.

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