Slack’s latest updates make font tweaks

Fonts and notifications have subtle, tortuous tweaks.

Slack has become a valuable tool like never before in the time of COVID for communication at work. Similarly, as with any work tool, small changes don’t typically go unnoticed as clients sink into the things they’re used to. Therefore, some of the latest Slack updates, at least on Android, have been supreme torture as subtle tweaks to fonts, notifications, and spacing leaves us stressed.

In late January rolled out that Slack for Android made an irritating change to its textual style and, more specifically, the spacing between words and lines. In previous versions of the application, mostly uniform spacing was left by Slack in between different messages, making information genuinely thick.

After providing a later update, the spacing changed with the larger size of the sender’s name and pushing the actual message somewhat nearer to that, after the beginning message and resulting messages left an unusually larger gap between.

It’s a minor change, without a doubt, but one that didn’t go unnoticed. On a Twitter thread, a few users required the change to be moved back or possibly be optional, though Slack guaranteed it wasn’t an optional change.

They accepted feedback; however, it doesn’t appear as though anything is evolving. A little while, it actually disturbs users every day, and when taking a look at the comparison, one can call it density hell.

Though, unfortunately, it doesn’t appear as though Slack’s journey to demolish its own Android application closes there. Recently, another update has rolled out to users, which changes the design of notifications. The previous notifications displayed the room first for incoming messages and messages below to the right side with the sender’s profile picture.

Presently, on Android, Slack displays notifications with nonexclusive icons for sorts of rooms off grouping profile pictures for DMs to the left side, with message content off to the right side having very surprising different designs for user’s message and name, which is a serious bumping change.

The change to notification layout is presently limited to the beta channel, though there’s no motivation to trust it will not be going to the overall release track soon.

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