Slack’s latest updates make font tweaks

Fonts and notifications have subtle, tortuous tweaks. Slack has become a valuable tool like never before in the time of COVID for communication at work. Similarly, as with any work tool, small changes don’t typically go unnoticed as clients sink into the things they’re used to. Therefore, some of the latest Slack updates, at leastcontinue reading

Tweetbot 6’s Essential Updates

A monthly subscription to the iPhone’s best Twitter app has also been released. The latest updates with the launch of Tweetbot 6 has come to iOS, which transform the app into a paid subscription service rather than previously offered a single-time purchase. Tweetbot has for some time been outstanding amongst other third-party Twitter applications aroundcontinue reading

NaturallySpeaking 15 is Ruling Voice Recognition Market

Speech recognition software called Dragon NaturallySpeaking is of tremendous value for many users, including those with injuries or physical disabilities that make it difficult or troublesome to use a mouse and keyboard. Even if there is nothing, the vast majority can talk a lot quicker than they type with NaturallySpeaking, making speech recognition an extraordinary tool to getcontinue reading